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We are looking for supporters!

For years the children's day care facility Cantinho do Céu ("Piece of Heaven") has
accompanied its members.

In 2012 we unfortunately haven't been able to teach the older children in their
higher classes. We would have to employ teachers specialized in their subjects.
Also more teachers per class would have to be necessary.
We simply haven't been able to bear the costs.

So we had to answer the question of what should happen with the pupils for 6st grade.

To solve this problem we are now cooperating with the Christian private school
"Colégio Americano Batista" who offered us a special price for their service,
even though the cost is rather high.

In the morning all pupils come to Cantinho do Céu, have their meals and go to
school - the younger to the one associated, the older to "Colégio Americano Batista".

Therefore we're looking for supporters who like to sponsor the older children now
attending "Colégio Americano Batista".

If you are interessted in a nursery school sponsorship (50 € per month),
a quarter sponsorship (43 € per month), a half sponsorship (85 € per month)
or a full sponsorship (170 € per month) please get in touch with us.

You can apply for a sponsorship by completing this form.
Please mail it to

We, and in particular the needy children of Aracaju, are glad to have you as supporters!

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