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A comprehensive approach
helps the whole person:

  • 3 Meals a day are served to the children. Malnutrition is
    prevented by a healthy food that is rich in protein and vitamins.

  • Every morning the children get a shower and freshly
    laundered clothing. Such hygiene also prevents

  • An after-lunch nap is part of the daily routine.
    This proved to be very beneficial for the children's
    physical and intellectual development.

  • Dental hygiene is also important for overall health.
    So, the kids are brushing their teeth regularly.
    All children are under a female physician's care.

  • The children are all attending Cantinho do Céu's own
    kindergarten, and elementary school where they are
    taught to read, write and calculate.

  • Education is the foundation to provide children the
    opportunity for a better future.

  • Occasionally there are project days for certain topics.
    Besides a boosted learning process it's also great fun!

  • Special emphasis is put on a proper social behavior,
    as this will be important for each child's later life.

  • The inspiring example of Jesus is how we want to
    live together. God's love and grace is the motivation
    for our work.

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